Adidas releases limited Cyberpunk 2077 sneakers and they look awesome

Not that long ago, we told you about the OnePlus x CDP partnership where they decided to release special edition of OnePlus 8T – you can read more about it here. And now we learned that Adidas too wants the piece of that cake. They just announced their new sneakers that are inspired by Cyberpunk 2077. They will be releasing two different limited edition sneaker variants that were designed with help of CD Projekt Red. The bad news, for all you sneakerheads, is that they will be available from November 11 only in selected Asian countries. We have no news of any plans to expand beyond Asia.

Shoes models – X9000L4 and X900L4

The first model is X9000L4 that will cost roughly $250. It features the Cyberpunk logo at the bottom and comes in four different colours – grey, black, white and leopard pattern. In addition, each shoe has some cool additional accents in different colours and all of them you can see in the gallery below. This model is designed as an everyday shoe.

The second model, the X900L4 costs around $190. This one is a mix of black shoe with mesh accents. It comes with a yellow sole and laces. It also features a yellow Cyberpunk logo across the sides. You can also check this model in the gallery below. It is designed for running.

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Which model do you prefer? For me, the X900L4 is cheaper and  looks sick! I love the combination of black and yellow. Shame, they will be hard to get if you are not based in those selected Asian countries.

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