Intetesting shows yet to premiere on October 2020

The slowly ending 2020 is definitely not a friendly year to the film industry. However, we managed to fill the TV schedule with really interesting series to premiere by the end of the year. Here are, in our opinion, the most interesting productions that will appear by the end of 2020.

Barbarians – Netflix – premiere on October 23

Barbarians is a high-budget historical series produced in Germany for Netflix. The whole focuses on the true history of the legendary battle in the Teutoburg Forest in 9 CE. There, too, the Germanic tribes stopped the expansion of the Roman Empire. The trailers promise great emotions. Apparently, not a penny was spared on creating this project.

The Queen’s Gambit – Netflix – premiere on October 23

A series based on the book by Walter Tevis. It tells a story about an orphan and a chess genius at the same time during the Cold War. Beth Harmon battles addiction to achieve her goal of becoming the best chess player in the world. Anya Taylor-Joy is the main character.

The Undoing – HBO – premiere on October 25

Hugh Grant and Nicole Kidman in the TV show? The new production is based on the book by Jean Hanff Korelitz, and the creators are David E. Kelley and Susanne Bier. The series will show what rich people are capable of just to protect themselves and hide their dark secrets. The main character is the New York therapist Grace Sachs – a professionally fulfilled woman in a happy marriage, enjoying her son’s successes. However, a woman’s ideal life turns upside down when she and her husband are at the center of a public scandal.

The Mandalorian: Season 2 – Disney+ – Coming October 30

This year there will be no new Star Wars in theaters, but there will also be a new season of the series set in this world. In the new season, the main focus will most likely be on Mando’s attempt to contact the Force users to give them the Child – his place is among them. Will he succeed? We’ll find out soon.

Suburra: Season 3 – Netflix – Coming October 30

In the final chapter, the fight for Rome becomes even more fierce and ruthless. Suburra is a crime thriller set in this city that tells how the interests of the Church, the state, the mafia, local gangs and developers intersect, and how representatives of all these groups in their pursuit of power blur the line between what is allowed, and what is forbidden. This great series will have a culmination and hopefully it will keep up with the previous seasons.

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