Ryan Reynolds wants to buy a soccer club and make it a hit show

Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney (“It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”) want to purchase the Welsh soccer club Wrexham. This is a team currently playing in the National League, the fifth division of the English league. The fans are currently the owners of the team. The actors negotiate with them and during the virtual presentation they ensured, among other things, that under their rule the club will always beat their arch-rival, Chester, and will protect the team’s heritage. But this is not all.

One of the most important thing is how they want to make money from it. Reynolds and McElhenney want to create a documentary series about the club that would most likely land on some streaming platform (I imagine Netflix would easily pick it up). We don’t know full details but it sure sounds interesting. It would not be the first documentary show about soccer club. Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur have their own shows but we can imagine that the income they made from it was just a fraction of their profits. With small club like Wrexham this would be a huge opportunity and a big cash injection that can potentially rocketship them to higher leagues. Of course, the best part is, that we would be able to see everything about it on our screens. I imagine that the show would be a very big thing once it is properly advetised and once it makes people know that this is Ryan Reynolds club. I know I would watch it.

The talks seems to be moving forward as few days ago board members voted to start talks with the actors. Dixie McNeill who is the club’s president was positive about the proposal and loved the possible new owners vision. Now 75 percent of members must vote in favor for Reynolds and McElhenney to start the team takeover procedure. It is important to say that this would not be the first for Reynolds as the actor is also a shareholder of the English soccer club Swansea City.

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