What box office hits can we expect in 2021 if the world goes back to normal

I’ve decided to check out what can we expect from 2021 if the pandemic situation allows theathers to open up and distributors to release their movies into them. This might be not a very likely scenario but in times, where we can only dream about going to the cinema to watch some big box office hit, there is not much else to do. So in this scenario – no limits in cinemas, so the producers release everything they’ve been holding on. The subject of how the movie industry will look like and if we are doomed only to watch big blockbusters in the cinemas while the more niche, artsy movies will find their place on VOD is another thing and a good topic for a bigger article.

The battle between sequels and new things

This will be the main thing of next year. We will see continuations, sentimental comeback series and movie schemes that work as well as new big movies. Of course, the sequels, spin-offs, prequels, remakes will have a bigger representation in the next year since we will probably get the 25th James Bond movie “No Time To Die”, another Fast and Furious with their crazy ideas, Mission: Impossible 7 or Space Jam 2. We can also expect movies based on comics such as Marvel’s “Black Widow”, “Spider-Man 3”, DC’s “Wonder Woman” or “The Suicide Squad” created by James Gunn. Some of them are bound to get the viewers and money but others might flop. Why? Because we do not have a clear view about the premiere dates and if biggest players decide to fight for viewers by releasing big titles alongside their rivals big movies, people might not be so eager to watch them both, especially after the condition global economy is because of COVID. The state that global economy is in is another reason why big players will want only to release their most likely to succeed movies.

New big movies to look for

As I mentioned before, there is a small place for new movies where the companies try to create new movie franchises and the first thing I would like to mention is “Dune”. The fanbase of Frank Herbert’s books is huge and it only increased throughout the years. The first trailer also encouraged people to watch it. There always is a place for good sci-fi and who better to serve it than Denis Villeneuve, who gave us fantastic “Arrival” (a huge hit noone was expecting) and a very well made “Blade Runner 2049”.

Another big thing should be “The Uncharted” starring Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg. There is this weird thing about movies based on the games – they very rerely work and are good. They also tend to not bring as much money as the sutdios expect. Of course, fans of the games will see the movie but I think that the most crucial will be the advertising strategy and if ads manage to convince people that know nothing about the games to see the movie in cinemas. Of course, if the movie succeeds, this will be the start of a franchise for sure.  Everyone expects “The Eternals” to be a big hit and there is no possible way that the new Marvel movie flops. Maybe some of you think that this movie does not feature the biggest comicbooks heroes but nether were “Guardians of the Galaxy” and we all know how it turned out. I do belive that Marvel and Disney can sleep well knowing that “The Eternals” will make big bucks.

New lower budget premieres

2021 will probably be the hardest year for smaller movies. And by smaller I mean even those with 20-30 million dollars. The key to success – advertising for sure. There will still be a place for the directors and creators with big imagination that want to make something trully unique. It just will be harder to achieve the goal. The movie to represent this lower budget premieres that I would like to present to you is “Babylon”, directed by Damien Chazelle (got an Oscar for “La La Land”), starring Brad Pitt and Emma Stone. Miguel Sapochnik (director of GOT’s Battle of the Bastards) will try to win over viewers with his sci-fi movie about the last human on earth that creates an android to go with him on a journey through United States. The movie is called “Bios”. Oh, and Tom Hanks will play the lead role! Horror movies will surely have a good representation with M. Night Shyamalan’s “Old”, which will be based on a comic book that is a mix of a thriller and a horror. Edgar Wright, the guy who made “Baby Driver” will also try to deliver a horror movie called “Last Night in Soho” in which the young fasshion designer will travel to 1960s London where she will meet her idol. The movie is advertised as a psychological horror so this really looks interesting. James Wan (“Conjuring”) should hit cinemas with his new horror movie called “Malignant”. There is pretty much nothing we know about it as of right now but everyone knows that Wan knows how to make a good horror movie.

The conclusion

We should be in for a great movie ride if the pandemic allows cinemas to be opened and producers decide that there is no poin in holding for their creations for much longer. What if the situation doesn’t improve? Well, in that case I really do think that some of the movies will hit VOD and streaming platforms. There were rummors of “No Time To Die” to premiere on Netflix or  Apple TV and streaming giants really want that to happen. I imagine that there is a small chance of “Black Widow” do premiere on Disney+ just like “Mulan” did. There is nothing else to do but wait and hope that the situation improves and we can get back to our old ways! What do you think? Which movies might premiere or what will happen if cinemas remain to be closed? Tell us your thoughts!

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