Which Esport Games are worth getting into?

More and more young players start their journey with that one single game with hopes of becoming pro player that earns tons of money while gaming. Of course, people who know anything about going pro in gaming know that this is not an easy task as you pretty much dedicate your life to this one game with trainings and playing on your own to improve 8-10+ hours a day. But is there a better feeling than going on the big scene and hear people shouting your name, winning prizes and being the best?

If you are just starting and wonder which games can offer you the biggest wins check out this list.


BestMoveStill the game with the biggest prizes since the international in 2019 had the prize pool of $34 308 060. Winners alone got $15 620 181 to share between them and the organization. Can you imagine? Winning this single tournament can pretty much set you up for life! Of course, easier said than done and the OG, team who won, dedicate their life to the game.  The International is not the only tournament that DOTA has to offer. Tier one tournaments like DreamLeague, MDL Chengdu Major and so on offer one million dollars in prize pool. Even if you are not in the top league, there are some tier two tournaments with prizes up to $100 000, and tier 3 with up to $10 000. So as you can see, you do not have to be the best of the best to earn while playing DOTA.


Fortnite was big. It is still big but all the buzz seems to be subsided as other games become more popular (COD). But there is still money to be made. And Epic managed to create something new. In-game competitions where everyone can join and try to become the best. So you do not have to seek the fame first to get into any good team, you can try on your own and be discovered that way. It features tourneys organized by EPIC but also Dreamhack and so on where prizes are above $250 000. Fortnite World Cup 2019 Finals, which was the biggest event in 2019 had a prize pool equal to $30 000 000.

League of legends

League of LegendsLOL seems to be dailing down but it is still one of the most popular games. RIOT is taking good care of their teams and you do not have to be in the top of the top to get money. Pretty much every country has its own league or leagues where good prizes are at steak and if you finish on top, you can participate in special RIOT tourneys where best teams from each country compete to be the best. While not the newest game, still a good one to get into.

Call Of Duty

This is the game that knocked Fortnite out of the most popular game. When COD Battle Royale was announced and cam out free of charge, people jumped into it right away. This is the most popular MOBA with weekly, daily tourneys with big prize pools. If you love FPS games and are thinking about the game to dedicate yourself to this is the one for sure.


Overwatch used to be big, but this is not the case no more. Of course, Esport is still going strong mainly because how Blizzard managed to develop it. People follow their teams and this is why it is still alive. Pretty hard to get into. There are tourneys like Overwatch Contenders where teams from different regions fight to be the best and the prize pools are between $100 000 – $175 000. So why did I add it here? It is simple, Overwatch 2 is around the corner and I would not expect super big changes so if you get into it now and become a good player, you have the bigger chance to get into good teams in the sequel.

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds

The game that Fortnite knocked out of the top. It is still super popular Battle Royale game with some tourneys but if you are looking for Battle Royale game to get into, get into COD. Of course, if you prefer this one, the prize pools of last years tourneys were as follow: PUBG Global Championship 2019 – $2 000 000, PUBG Nations Cup and others $500 000. So  as you can see, you can make plenty of money but there are simply not that many tourneys other than the ones created by the game developers.Call of Duty®: Warzone | Home

Rainbow 6

The game that never created huge buzz but even years after the initial release is going strong. People love to play it and the player base remain consistent or even gets bigger with each new content added. Maybe the money is not like in other top games but the prize pools are still above $100 000 mainly in leagues created by ESL or Ubisoft. Prize pool in this year’s major is $3 000 000, so plenty of money. This game might seems easy at the start but you have to be patient and focused all the time as it is a very strategic, team oriented FPS.

Rocket League

If you don’t like MOBA games or FPS games or Battle Royale games, we still have something for you. Rocket League is something we did not expect to get into Esports. Or even if we did, we did not think it will be popular for that many years. And it still is a great game to get into. Prize pools are decent as World Championship from last year had a prize pool equal to $529 500. There are leagues created by Psyonix as well as other Leagues and tourneys so you have many chances to get some money. And even if you do not, who does not like cars flying on the soccer fields knocking huge ball? Great game and a big chance to get into esport for someone not to keen on MOBA’s and Battle Royale’s.


The true veteran, the game that started it all. And ages later, still the game to get into. It seems that after all the skins betting scandals the buzz around the game dialed down and not as many Programiści kompletnie się załamani po zbadaniu kodu CSGO. Nie dziwią się, że gra ma tyle błędów - BOOP.plpeople continue to watch tourneys but do not let that fool you. This is the game where the most leagues and tourneys are being played. And you can make money even if you are in the tier 3 team.


Something for card game lovers. This is probably the only one card game that allows you to make money. At least it is the only one that are very much supported by its creators and should be for years to come. Of course, other card games are being released now and then but their popularity is dying so quick that you might even not have a chance to make a dime. As it goes for Hearthstone,  the World Championship prizes are equal to one million dollars but there is also a Masters Tour where you can win $500 000 as well as other tourneys that are not made by Blizzard. Surely the game to get into if you are into card games.


Last thing you have to know, players that join teams and organizations always have steady paycheck every month and the winnings are the additions to it. Of course, the organization always gets its cut but you, as a player, can also get some money from the team sponsors. It is not that uncommon for players to even get brand new cars as more and more companies start to sponsor gaming teams (BMW, AUDI and so on).


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